》Memphis. Tn 《

There are 2 types of DUCKS in this world : the normal Ducks and the Famous Ducks. The last one is the case of the Peabody’s Ducks.

Why are they famous ? Because twice a day they perform what’s have been named THE PEABODY DUCKS MARCH .

Every day at 11:00 a.m., the Peabody Ducks are escorted from their penthouse home, on the Plantation Roof, to the lobby via elevator. The ducks, are accompanied by a Duck Master . They walk on a Red Carpet , just like real Stars , until they reach the Fountain. They remain there , playing in the water , until 5.00 pm . At that time, they are escorted back to their Penthouse.

It was really interesting and exciting watching those cute little ducks marching toward the fountain . Many people were gathered around the center of the hotel to watch them. Like real ” Pros” they made a spectacular entrance when the elevator doors opened.

The Peabody Ducks are five North American mallards. One is a male and four are females. They don’t have specific names, however, the first Ducks were named Gayoso and Chisca .

When they aren’t on Duck Duties , they live in the penthouse also known as the Royal Duck Palace located on the hotel rooftop.  The structure is $ 200.000 made of marble and glass and feature its own fountain with a bronze duck spitting water. Do you thing that’s all? Nope. As their house, they have a replica of the Hotel with their personal grassy front yard.

They are on Duck Duties only for three months . After this period of time, they can return to the farm where they came from and live wild….

I hope you have the opportunity to meet those adorable creatures!