》Fort Worth. Tx 《

Fort Worth, Tx is a beautiful hectic city. Traffic and Road Works seems to be two of the most mentioned words by people here. And when you less expect, in the heart of all of that, there is a peaceful, quiet place called Water Gardens

I was excited just like a little girl. After seeing pictures of the pools, I decided to go and experience what’s that place has to offer.

3 is the number of pools located in that cooling oasis :

The Aerated Pool 

Johnson , the architect wanted this pool to be a visual illusion . The nozzles are the same heights as the walkway. There are 38 special nozzles that spra 871 gallons of water per minute. The entire pool is 40 feet below ground level . There are colorfaul lights and when the sun comes down, it is a really pretty place to see and to be .

The Quiet Pool 

Believe it or not, the architect took inspiration from Alice In the Wonderland . His goal was creating a similar experience of Alice growing bigger and smaller. The small stairways with wet wall make everyone feel bigger than their surrounding and after you enter in the pool, you feel smaller. This pool was very quiet and beautiful. It is a place that remind me of “yoga”. A place in which you would want to go to think, to read a book, to escape the reality.

The Active Pool 

It was my favorite and it is also the main attraction . It has water cascading 38 feet (11 m) down terraces and steps into a small pool at the bottom. I must admit that I was a little worried while I was going down. The steps are wet and slippery but the sensation is unique. 

It was a delightful experience to visit Fort Worth Water Gardens , something that I would strongly recommend if you visit this city.