》 Forth Worth. TX 《

Wild Wild West blended in a modern age .

The Stockyards consist of mainly entertainment and shopping venues that capitalize on the “Cowtown” image of Fort Worth. They have a CATTLE DRIVE twice a day. That, was also the main reason why I decided to visit Stockyard . Everyone was lined up on the side of the street to assist to this event. There were many tourists and all of them ready to photograph this blend of history in the modern age.


It was absolutely amazing to watch the Cattle Drive , especially for me because I have never seen something like this.

Watching those mens on horses was probably the most fascinating part , even if, I was wondering WHY there were no women riding the horses. I had the opportunity to speak with one of those Cowboys and I asked him a few questions.

All the animals, belongs to Stockyard and none of them is owned by a single individual. People that you see in my pictures are just ” employees “.  They aren’t allowed to use their own animals due to insurance issues. Every animal is marked with some sort of tattoo .  It is similar to a chip to make sure that if they end up in wrong hands, they can be recognized.

What you find at Stockyards are also different western shops and shops that sell different things.  I found myself in the Beef Jerky Outlet  in which they were selling Lollipops with real scorpions and other sweet treats that I thought they were ODD.  I let you ” admire the pictures ” to fully understand what I’m talking about.


My favorite store was the Stockyards Olive Oil Company . They sell Texas Olive Oil and they also sell oil from Italy , Greece , Spain etc… You can also have a sample of each oil. It was literally heaven to me since I love Olive Oil!


One of the most famous Restaurants in Stockyard is Riscky’s Barbecue . You can have “All you can eat Meat ” , however if you are vegetarian or Vegan I would strongly recommend that you don’t enter there.  It was interesting to see the atmosphere and I mainly did for that. The salad was ok and I even scored a Pickle …yahoo!


Don’t forget to give your attention to ” The Texas Trail Of Fame ” . Look where you are walking and you will see the stars.The Bronze Stars are designed to represent an old fashion Marshall’s badge with the recipient’s name inlaid in the star. The markers are uniformly placed in the sidewalks and public thoroughfares throughout the National Historic District. . . Yes, because Stockyard have been declared National Historic District!

Along the road there are also the Texas Longhorn . You can ride it but only to take a picture. They won’t let you ride around. I did try to persuade the owner but due to insurance issue ( as usual ) I wasn’t able to ride one and take him around.

If you go there, you won’t regret living the ….. Stockyard Experience .