From the Sky to the Ground, there is always something to see.  I believe that anything that comes from the soul and from the heart, can be defined as Art . Some pieces are more artistic then others, however, keep in mind that Art is a personal interpretation .

Some people could define certain sculptures as ” stupid ” or ” useless ” but not me. That is the reason why, I was really excited about seeing THE TRAVELING MAN .

What’s the Traveling Man ?

It is a TRIO of colossal Statues that are located in the area of DEEP ELLUM ( Dallas, TX ). The statues represent the LIFE of the Traveling Man, from birth to life. Each of the figures is built of polished metal sheets held together with rivets, all meant to evoke the railway history of the neighborhood of Deep Ellum.  

Why were they created ?

In the neighborhood of Deep Ellum there were murals that needed to be replaces. Those murals were also the welcoming symbol of Deep Ellum. They were taken down due to construction of a light rail system .

The FIRST TRAVELING MAN is called AWAKENING . This statue represent only a portion of his head and his clamps emerging from the ground .

The SECOND TRAVELING MAN is called WAITING ON THE TRAIN . Here, the traveling man sits down with his legs crossed holding his guitar. He also have a big, bright smile.

The  Walking Tall , which is also the Last Statue, was my favorite. I even kissed this giant colossal! If you are in the area or you are traveling, I strongly recommend to stop there. You won’t regret this quick pit stop .

The area didn’t seem to be one of the safest one , however, you don’t need to spend a great amount of time to ” meet ” the traveling man.