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If you are strolling downtown Dallas, Tx , your attention will be captured by. Giant Eyeball

It is a 30 foot tall sculpture that is hanging out . This huge Eyeball captured my attention due to the colors. They are very vivid and the entire eye, looks like a real one. It could seems creepy but is not creepy or odd once you see it close .

It belongs to the Joule Hotel , which is well known for their eccentric artwork .

Tony Tasset is the artist that created the sculpture which represents his own Eyeball . He ” just ” wanted to create something ” awesome ” and he chose An eye.

Why an Eye?

Not only is the eye a universal icon, seen everywhere from the Masonic eye on the dollar bill to the flaming eye of an Ed Hardy tattoo, but there aren’t many spaces a gigantic, bloodshot retina can’t utterly transfigure.

I doubt this eye will go anywhere anytime soon, considering that can be a great piece of conversation.

If you are traveling and you find yourself downtown Dallas, you can go sip an orange juice or drink some wine or eat some food while looking at the eye…or maybe, the eye will look at you.