》Irving . Texas 《

The Mustangs Of las colinas is the largest equestrian sculpture in the World. This amazing sculpture is located in William Square in Irving,Texas. There are 9 life size mustangs running wild that have been there since 1984.

Why horses?

The horses intent to represent the drive and unfettered style that were the fundamental to the state in its pioneer days. And that is exactly what Robert Glenn, the artist was trying to reflect by creating this sculptures.

The horse of history, was not native to the Western Hemisphere. ” Mestenas” were the escaped descendants of horses brought to America by the Spaniards . The “mustangs” roaming northward across Texas from Mexico , represented the vanguard of modern civilization to Texas and the entire western United States . Before the 18th century was far advanced bands of mustangs were ranging over Texas and the northern plains , wilder than deer and as free as eagles.

Will that happen again ? I don’t have an answer for that question but meantime , we can dream about by enjoying this magnificent sculpture.