~ Denton. Tx ~

How did this Wonderland Of Chairs started ? 

On the right and left side of the field lived two best friends. Their kids grew up in the field playing games, celebrating birthdays and spending time with friends. Once they were all grown and away from home, the yard had an empty look . The two best friend started to sit there to talk and relax and leaving their chair.

Then one of them had the idea to have more chairs! They both went around thrift stores , flea markets and many other places. They were looking for unique chairs that could tell a story.

Then the neighbors started to bring chairs along with strangers and the Chairy Orchard was born.

It is a lovely place to go relax , read a book.

There are so many chairs ! They might be old but they have a soul!

You can go there and decorate a chair or you can leave your chair with a personal touch.
There is a Lemon Tree made of yellow chairs…
There is the official Chairy Orchard Chair and
There is a huge Denton Chair ….

And many more. Definitely a place that you don’t want to miss!