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I'm much more then a tourist. I'm a traveller. I explore cities, states, countries. I live there. I blend with them. I learn about their culture, Their lifestyle, their food and festivals. Traveling is a passion, is an illness . When the travel bug bites,there is not known antidote and I shall be infected forever. A flightattendant life that lives in the Sky, that breath the air, that look at people from 30,000 feet above the ground. A travel consultant that explain to people the best way of traveling blending the working life with the pleasure of exploring all the roadside attractions, hunted places and historical places. Follow my steps to see what happens, to see where I go just take inspiration... I don't have a place to call HOME... I just travel, 365 days every year. You can learn how to live from a luggage and explore the World.


It took me long time to accomplish the goals and finally I did it! I found a program that has lowers prices then EXPEDIA and hotels. Com . The thing that excite me the most is that I found even... Continue Reading →



°Safety Harbor. Florida° Without generalize , You can agree with me that the majority to people, when they think about Florida , their minds go instantaneously to Beaches , Palms , Cocktails on the Pool, party, golf, warm weather, Disneyworld.... Continue Reading →

★A turtle in Alabama★

°°°Gulf Shores. Alabama°°° White sands, blue waters , idilliac sky, beach house, flip flop, sunny days , warm weather...Would you wish for more ? I personally wouldn't. In this perfect scenario there is also a very Special Turtle . The... Continue Reading →

★The Chairy Orchard★

~ Denton. Tx ~ How did this Wonderland Of Chairs started ?  On the right and left side of the field lived two best friends. Their kids grew up in the field playing games, celebrating birthdays and spending time with... Continue Reading →

》Mustangs Of Las COLINAS 《

》Irving . Texas 《 The Mustangs Of las colinas is the largest equestrian sculpture in the World. This amazing sculpture is located in William Square in Irving,Texas. There are 9 life size mustangs running wild that have been there since 1984.... Continue Reading →


》 DALLAS. TX 《 From the Sky to the Ground, there is always something to see.  I believe that anything that comes from the soul and from the heart, can be defined as Art . Some pieces are more artistic... Continue Reading →

♡Giant Eye Ball♡

> Dallas. Tx < If you are strolling downtown Dallas, Tx , your attention will be captured by. Giant Eyeball .  It is a 30 foot tall sculpture that is hanging out . This huge Eyeball captured my attention due... Continue Reading →

○JFK Assassination○

》DALLAS. TX 《 John F. Kennedy  was 35th President of United States Of America. He was assassinated on Friday, November 22nd 1963. The assassination took place in Dealey Plaza downtown Dallas, Texas while he was in a motorcade. He was... Continue Reading →

☆Stockyard Station☆

》 Forth Worth. TX 《 Wild Wild West blended in a modern age . The Stockyards consist of mainly entertainment and shopping venues that capitalize on the "Cowtown" image of Fort Worth. They have a CATTLE DRIVE twice a day.... Continue Reading →

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