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☆ Jim Thorpe☆

The name of one of the greatest athlete and the name of a town. Jim Thorpe is a little town located on a mountain. The scenery is beautiful , however , the road to get there is not one of... Continue Reading →

☆ Peeps Factory☆

Bethlehem. PA. "This is where all the magic happens " , was the phrase that the nice lady at the desk told me.  My expression was similar to a kid into a candy store when I arrived at JUST BORN.... Continue Reading →

♡Lucy The Elephant♡

°•○● Atlantic City. NJ●○• Sometimes while traveling it happens that you visit the same place more then once . The difference is in "how you see it ". You can go back to the same place in a different time... Continue Reading →

*Wamplers Lake*

In an almost unknown town, there is a place where many friends and people get together. Why ? That could be your question. That was my question. There is a small town in Michigan  called Brooklyn  in which there is a... Continue Reading →

♤ Goodbye Wings♤

I worked so hard for my WINGS. They were my whole world . Traveling the world was my whole world. My office was the SKY. My house was an AIRCRAFT . I still can see myself smiling, putting my uniform... Continue Reading →

☆Unconventional Washington DC ☆

My flight attendant friend and I, decided to spend a day exploring Washington Dc. However, we decided that this exploration was going to be different and unconventional . We skipped all the Places full of tourist for a full adventure.... Continue Reading →


♡There's one dot on the map that holds more of your deepest memories than any other place. It's where you fell in love, found your tribe ,risked it all, found happiness or reached the highest peak or goal..And that unique... Continue Reading →

♡ Montreal. Canada.♡

The beauty of traveling is meeting new people from all over the country and from other countries , to hear their stories , to listen and answer their questions. There is something unique and magical at the same time and... Continue Reading →

Flight Attendant : An Awful Experience.

Every Flight attendant has a different experience in the Airline World. For one Flight Attendant a company can be Great but for another one, the same company can be not so great. There are a lot of factors involved in... Continue Reading →

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