November 6th,2015 – Friday – 28 Days post Op – Physical Theraphy Day 15

This morning I had blood work. Last time I had to see and experience a needle. It has been a long way since October 5th,2015. I can walk without crutches but I’m limping a little on my right side. That worries me , even if I know my muscle need to get back like it was…more strength!

As today I saw my wound bleeding I started to freak out and to shake like a leaf. My bandages have been changed but my worries are still here. Seems like now I get scared or worry for anything.

After 28Days in between four walls I went out. I walked but not that much. It was enough. I got tired so soon that I was dreaming of the bed. Is that normal? Maybe it is, maybe is not. 

Today was my last day of Physical Theraphy. A bittersweet I would say. Now it’s on me doing the PT daily.


November 7th,2015 – Saturday – 29 Days post op

NIGHTMARE DAY!!!! I knew something was WRONG with my wound and my healing. Today I called the nurse . The DAMN SURGEON forgot to remove to stitches!!! The nurse removed them because they were underneath . He cleaned all the infection. He put new bandages. Now I’m back on antibiotics. I hope my wound will heal fast . It was so painful! 

November 8th,2015 – Sunday – 30 Days post op

I walked more and more today. I was exhausted . I crashed in the bed as soon as I got into my room. The fact that, I’m getting tired so fast and for doing nothing, just to walk,it worries me. 

The nurse came and changed the bandages. He drained some liquid out my wound. Still coming out. Still…still..still .. Exhausted … 

November 9th,2015 – Monday – 31 Days Post Op

I’m tired mentally and physically . I feel hopeless . Depression is taking over. 

Note : It had been two weeks that my other hip hurts. I hope is just me, my fears or maybe the fact that in the past few month my ” good hip “, my left one had to carry all the weight. Please disease, don’t progress. Please, do it for me. Please I need some luck, please make anything go well and get better. Please life start to be nice towards me. Please destiny bring me some luck.

Note 2 : Spine X-rays Done . Insole for my left foot to balance : bought!

November 10th,2015 – Tuesday – 32 Days Post Op

Today I have done more PT on my own . The nurse came to change the bandages.My wound looks much better,however he told me to tell my surgeon on Thursday why is there still liquid coming out. 😦

I cannot shower yet 

November 11th,2015 – Wednesday – 33 Days Post Op

I’m feeling D O W N today. I go home in 4 days. It was what I wanted and now I don’t know anymore. I don’t feel ready. I’m scared. I’m still limping, still taking antibiotics , my wound hasn’t fully healed yet, I still cannot take a shower. Tomorrow 😱😨😰 the Surgeon will check my hip for the last time…it is SCARY!

November 12th , 2015 – Thursday – 34 Days Post Op

Today I saw my SURGEON for the last time. Everything is ok with my new hip and the wound. I need to do X-rays in another 5 months. He said that now I can take a shower,as long as I use a neutral soap. He wants me to keep the bandages on for another few days. He said that it is better for now if the wound doesn’t touch other materials.

I showed him my Spine X-rays and anything appeared to be fine. I still get tired pretty fast and I know I need to give myself time. Afterall I had TWO Surgeries in 4 months!!!

Note : Last visit with the Surgeon that performed my THR ( Right Total Hip Replacement )

November 13th,2015 – Friday – 35 Days Post Op

Absolutely a boring day. I have done so little PT. I’m exhausted from those 5 hell months and my last surgery

November 14th , 2015 – Saturday – 36 Days Post Op

Finally today, with the ” medical approve “, I was able to shower in over a month. I left the hot water running all over my body for so long. It seemed so ” weird “, so different, being able to have a normal shower after so long. I was also able to shave my legs even if,it is till painful try to reach my right foot and ankle . It is an issue and painful as well accomplish task such us put my socks on and my pants on and my shoes. This is scaring me 😭😭😭😢😢😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥. Monday I will finally return back at home and I still have troubles with those tasks. How I’m I suppose to do? I’m truly scared!!!!

My knee today was hurting so bad! That scares me as well!

Note : 36 Days Post RTHR I was able to shower.

Note2 : It still hurts and I still struggle to put socks on,shoes and pants


November 15th,2015 – Sunday – 37 Days Post Op

😭 My knee has been hurting me all night.

Today is my last day here. Tomorrow I’ll go home after 2 months. I was looking forward to this moment and now I’m full of fears and zero desire to go. It scares me to go back to my life. In the past 5 months,after I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis I lost nearly everything. What do I do now?

I’m still limping and that is one of my worries. How can I have/find a job if I’m limping ?

This last surgery left me also with internal scars. I have a lot of fears now.