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》Thomas Jefferson. Monticello《 Learning about history by walking on an historical ground. This is the feeling that goes trough your mind and your body every step you make inside Monticello.  Hidden in the heart of Virginia, surrounded by a beautiful scenario... Continue Reading →

☆World’s Largest…☆

》High Point, North Carolina《 A woman dream come true. What that could be aside of a walking closet ? Of course , the World's Largest Chest Of Drawers !  It is a well known Town Landmark called "Bureau Of Information"... Continue Reading →

》Big Coffee Pot《

》Winston-Salem . NC 《 It is undefined the number of people that love and drink coffee. Among the many, I highly doubt that an high number of them is in possession of a GIANT COFFEE POT .  I was able... Continue Reading →

•”A” Shell Gas Station•

》 Winston - Salem . NC 《 There is not such a thing as a weird attraction or object. Some of them just require more understanding then others . Every object has a souls and it is unique . Different... Continue Reading →

☆Where BOOTH Died☆

》Port Royal,Virginia《 John Wikes Booth . A name , a man that many recognise from the history books. However, this man didn't become part of the American History for all the good reason. He was Lincoln's Assassin . The place... Continue Reading →

☆ Jim Thorpe☆

The name of one of the greatest athlete and the name of a town. Jim Thorpe is a little town located on a mountain. The scenery is beautiful , however , the road to get there is not one of... Continue Reading →

》Steve Tobin Studio《

Quakertown. PA I had no idea that in the State of PA there was a town named Quakertown , neither I was aware about the Steve Tobin Studio. My curiosity towards his sculptures guided me there on a sunny day... Continue Reading →

¤ Lehigh Folk Millenium Arch ¤

Bethlehem. PA Be a tourist is different then be a traveller. You can be only one or combine both. The difference is in what you chose to do, to see and how you chose to do and see . Which... Continue Reading →

☆ Peeps Factory☆

Bethlehem. PA. "This is where all the magic happens " , was the phrase that the nice lady at the desk told me.  My expression was similar to a kid into a candy store when I arrived at JUST BORN.... Continue Reading →

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