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♡ The Water Gardens ♡

》Fort Worth. Tx 《 Fort Worth, Tx is a beautiful hectic city. Traffic and Road Works seems to be two of the most mentioned words by people here. And when you less expect, in the heart of all of that,... Continue Reading →


♡Peabody Duck March♡

》Memphis. Tn 《 There are 2 types of DUCKS in this world : the normal Ducks and the Famous Ducks. The last one is the case of the Peabody's Ducks. Why are they famous ? Because twice a day they... Continue Reading →


》Memphis.Tn《 Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977 and till this day he is still a legend. From young to elderly people, everyone knows who he was. Everyone knows his songs.  Many people believe or want to believe that he... Continue Reading →

●The Hilton Siamese Sisters●

》 Charlotte. NC 《 Over 40 years ago , people with visible body deformations were a money machine.  They were a way to attract customers.  They were a way to make money . This was the case of the British... Continue Reading →

♡Miracle on the Hudson♡

》 Charlotte.Nc 《 It was an emotional and grateful day and moment . I can't even fully express my emotions.  I was able to see and touch (Sorry Museum,I couldn't resist) the Airbus 320 from the Flight 1549 also known... Continue Reading →

♡Life Is an Open Book♡

》Charlotte.NC《 Nowdays, sadly many people claim to be busy due to work commitments and many don't leave time or don't make time to read books. I still believe that books are what keeps your mind and your brain active and... Continue Reading →

○The Disco Chicken○

》Charlotte.NC《 It is always a pleasure to walk in a new City and to admire what people call "Different " and other "Unique " and others " Odd" . Everyone has their prospective in life and about things.  I was... Continue Reading →


》Thomas Jefferson. Monticello《 Learning about history by walking on an historical ground. This is the feeling that goes trough your mind and your body every step you make inside Monticello.  Hidden in the heart of Virginia, surrounded by a beautiful scenario... Continue Reading →

☆World’s Largest…☆

》High Point, North Carolina《 A woman dream come true. What that could be aside of a walking closet ? Of course , the World's Largest Chest Of Drawers !  It is a well known Town Landmark called "Bureau Of Information"... Continue Reading →

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