I lived in Cancun from December 2014 until March 2015 .

When I arrived there, I was looking around, look at the Nature, look at the people, look at the houses.

It was so different then Vallarta and I didn’t have any expectation.

I had my own little condo, without AC because, what we have in USA is a luxury in Mexico. I had portable fans to refresh when I was in my little hidden gem.


Cancun for so many people has high expectation and I truly believe, maybe when you are a tourist you can find some fun around the city but, when you are a traveller, things are different . You blend with the people, you live and learn about their culture, their habits and much more. Everybody there were extremely nice to me and making friends wasn’t even an issue.

The Weather : Don’t expect to fin a sunny day everyday because what you see in pictures doesn’t always reflect the truth. The weather is tropical and it rain almost everyday. It was a bit annoying because I remember that in Puerto Vallarta I was going on the beach everyday after work. In Cancun I had to wait for nice sunny days. The plants, the nature were gorgeous due the rain meanwhile my skin wasn’t getting any benefit and I was like a mozzarella cheese skin.


The Boardwalk : Does Cancun has one? Oh please, if so let me know! Everything was spread out and there isn’t a real boardwalk. The heart of the city is mainly about clubs and most of them aren’t even on the Beach. The Resort Area is full the Resorts that took over the beach . If you want to party and party and party again and live the fairytale of a luxurious resort then Cancun is the place for you. Clearly it wasn’t the place for me.

The Beaches : unlikely other parts of Mexico, in Cancun they do not take care of the public beaches. There were Algies anywhere and swimming had the meaning of an Algies immersion. There was some trash as well in water here and there. What happened to that blue water ? If you are in a Resorts, every morning, they clean the Beach from the large amount of Algies. They make anything look so marvelous that you could almost believe that is the real Mexico. So, what happens to the Mexicans people or people like me that live in a ” non so called Resort ? “. We have to deal with unclean and unsafe Beaches. That was clearly another disappointment. 

 New Years : When you live in Cancun, you want to experience the clubs on New Years, even if they are all full of tourists. It is crazy, you can barely dance in the clubs but the fun is guaranteed . I was dancing all night like if nobody was watching me. Four hours straight non stop. My friends by then , they knew that u had natural energy and that the music always charge me, more and more. There were people with costumes and masks and I even took pictures with them, along with my friend Adriana that I dragged out that night.

Playa Delfines : It is located after the hotel zone of Cancun . And it is probably the only nice public beach. Of course you find a good amount of Algies there as well, however you can see the blue water. That water, that color that everyone talks about. The beach is crowded and the downside is that you don’t find bars or little supermarkets around if you need something to drink or to eat. Sometimes, like in other parts of Mexico, there are Mexicans that comes by. They have different kind of food but of course, as a condiment there are Mosquitos. By then I was used to that and it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. As good traveler I learn how to embrace any little thing.   

The Real Cancun : This city is not much different then any other parts of Mexico. Once you aren’t in a Resort, you walk on the streets, you meet people, you see things. Mexico is safe  and ins’ dangerous as anyone think it is, however it is very dirty. The streets aren’t take care of and there is trash anywhere you walk. In the USA we complain for little holes but there are just normal. The cars are very old and it us like living in a city of 100 years ago.

 Is my opinion about Mexico changed ? No at all! I still love that country with all the bad sides! Cost of living is very cheap, nobody cares about a thing and anything is stress free!