Las Vegas is a big amusement park for grown kids. There are many casinos, bars and resorts as many as the clubs, the pools and the party. If you enjoy the ” Party Lifestyle ” i have no doubts that Las Vegas is the city for you.

Clearly it wasn’t the city for me. I love the ocean, the waves, the dolphins. Waking up and look at the traffic, the desert and the poor people wasn’t my idea of perfect world .

Money can’t buy the absence of the Ocean…In my case

The Strip is full of stores and tourists. You find yourself in places unexplored where they sell things that you might won’t find in other places. There are many souvenirs shops and OPC that try to get you into the resorts for a timeshare tour. 

Once you are Outised of the strip…. Las Vegas is a dirty, dangerous city with pretty much nothing to do. It is boring , more then any other city I visited. If you aren’t a gambler or a ” party animal ” , Las Vegas isn’t where you want to be.

I remember that twice, at the bus stop , people would ask me if I wanted to ” smoke something “… And yes, Las Vegas is full of corruptions and drugs. Things that never fascinated me for a reason or another. It didn’t took me long to figure out that Mexico was much more safer than that apparent sparkling city.

However, since I was living there I tried to make the best of it . As a good outdoor person I found a group of hiker and I was spending my days off with them. I went to hike more then one time at Red Rock Canyon. Each time it was an experience that I will never forget. The view, once you reach each pick is extraordinary amazing. You breath fresh air, away from the gas that buses and cars can produce. You look at the sky, light blue and if you try to reach out it seems like if you are touching the clouds. 

They have different hikes path that you can follow. None of them is easy and you can fall and get hurt. However, that is the beauty of hiking … The adrenaline that you don’t know when you will reach the peak or what you will find behind next rock.

I truly enjoyed my time hiking but I doubt I will ever pay a visit to Las Vegas .