June 2015 

I spent a little over 2 weeks in St. Louis. A city in which I never dreamed to go. A city that never sparkled my attention. And one day, there I was. 

St. Louis is such an old characteristic city and unique with all the old buildings and hunted houses. The restaurants are unique, each one of them, especially if you stay away from the touristic part . I discovered so many coffee places in which they were brewing coffee and have a coffee menu! Something that you don’t find often!
I enjoyed Sunday Brunches in little places listening to live music, to real musician! St Louis has a particular smell of old and fashion at the same time. I was looking around and getting lost in the little streets .

I believe I had one of the best espresso coffee in ones of the breweries and if an Italian says that…it is true!

The Mud House became my favorite place to have breakfast. The line was so long that one day I left…but then I went back there because I wanted to find out why that place had such a long line! The breakfast was so good and served in a unique manner like I have never seen before! I would strongly recommend that place if you stop in St. Louis.

One day I went to eat lunch with the girls and one of them ordered shark bites! I have never seen them before! As a vegetarian I didn’t try them but the girls loved them!