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Avascular Necrosis

☆ Jim Thorpe☆

The name of one of the greatest athlete and the name of a town. Jim Thorpe is a little town located on a mountain. The scenery is beautiful , however , the road to get there is not one of... Continue Reading →

☆ Peeps Factory☆

Bethlehem. PA. "This is where all the magic happens " , was the phrase that the nice lady at the desk told me.  My expression was similar to a kid into a candy store when I arrived at JUST BORN.... Continue Reading →

♡Lucy The Elephant♡

°•○● Atlantic City. NJ●○• Sometimes while traveling it happens that you visit the same place more then once . The difference is in "how you see it ". You can go back to the same place in a different time... Continue Reading →

☆ The GUM wall☆

I have always wanted to see a GUM WALL and leave my " chewed gum " there. Finally, in SEATTLE, WA I had the opportunity to cross it from my bucket list! The wall is by the box office for... Continue Reading →

The FA that never gave up

I fought so much to come back here. I fought like nobody before. I had two major surgeries in 4 months only for the LOVE of my job. I'm happy to be here, happy to be back in Ground School.... Continue Reading →

Scared : Do you agree?

Being Scared is normal. We are humans.We have emotions. When you are Scared is because you are about to do something brave,something that could change your life. After 5 months and 2 surgeries I have to go back to work... Continue Reading →

Days Away 28 to 37. The End.

November 6th,2015 - Friday - 28 Days post Op - Physical Theraphy Day 15 This morning I had blood work. Last time I had to see and experience a needle. It has been a long way since October 5th,2015. I... Continue Reading →

Too Much.

When your health fails you, you come at the realization that nothing else matter. Not anymore. Being in pain 24/7 is hard. It would be an hard task for anyone. Some days my mind goes to places where " it... Continue Reading →

THR : From Day 12 To 27 STAPLES OUT!!!

Note : This was from Day 1 till Day 11 October 21st,2015 - Wednesday - Physical Theraphy Day 3 - 12 Days post op. Another bad night. I had and I have the fever. It is 102 !!!!! My... Continue Reading →

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