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°Safety Harbor. Florida° Without generalize , You can agree with me that the majority to people, when they think about Florida , their minds go instantaneously to Beaches , Palms , Cocktails on the Pool, party, golf, warm weather, Disneyworld.... Continue Reading →


★A turtle in Alabama★

°°°Gulf Shores. Alabama°°° White sands, blue waters , idilliac sky, beach house, flip flop, sunny days , warm weather...Would you wish for more ? I personally wouldn't. In this perfect scenario there is also a very Special Turtle . The... Continue Reading →

》Mustangs Of Las COLINAS 《

》Irving . Texas 《 The Mustangs Of las colinas is the largest equestrian sculpture in the World. This amazing sculpture is located in William Square in Irving,Texas. There are 9 life size mustangs running wild that have been there since 1984.... Continue Reading →


》 DALLAS. TX 《 From the Sky to the Ground, there is always something to see.  I believe that anything that comes from the soul and from the heart, can be defined as Art . Some pieces are more artistic... Continue Reading →

♡Giant Eye Ball♡

> Dallas. Tx < If you are strolling downtown Dallas, Tx , your attention will be captured by. Giant Eyeball .  It is a 30 foot tall sculpture that is hanging out . This huge Eyeball captured my attention due... Continue Reading →

☆Stockyard Station☆

》 Forth Worth. TX 《 Wild Wild West blended in a modern age . The Stockyards consist of mainly entertainment and shopping venues that capitalize on the "Cowtown" image of Fort Worth. They have a CATTLE DRIVE twice a day.... Continue Reading →

♡ The Water Gardens ♡

》Fort Worth. Tx 《 Fort Worth, Tx is a beautiful hectic city. Traffic and Road Works seems to be two of the most mentioned words by people here. And when you less expect, in the heart of all of that,... Continue Reading →

♡Peabody Duck March♡

》Memphis. Tn 《 There are 2 types of DUCKS in this world : the normal Ducks and the Famous Ducks. The last one is the case of the Peabody's Ducks. Why are they famous ? Because twice a day they... Continue Reading →


》Memphis.Tn《 Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977 and till this day he is still a legend. From young to elderly people, everyone knows who he was. Everyone knows his songs.  Many people believe or want to believe that he... Continue Reading →

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