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November 2015

Life is unexpected 

November 29.2015 ... I know that tomorrow a flight is leaving and I will have to be on that flight. I have been waiting for this moment,to go back to work for 5 long months. And now? Now I met... Continue Reading →


Scared : Do you agree?

Being Scared is normal. We are humans.We have emotions. When you are Scared is because you are about to do something brave,something that could change your life. After 5 months and 2 surgeries I have to go back to work... Continue Reading →

Some People. Do you have those 3 in your life?

Calling everyone " Friend " is an abbreviation. Some aren't really friends but " Aquitances ". 1)The REAL FRIENDS are always willing to help,even when you do not want or you do not ask. They know the      ... Continue Reading →

The Sky

The view from the sky is always a magical adventure. You can wonder. You can dream. The view from this sky made me smile. Finally at home. One of those tiny,shiny lights is the place I call home  *November 16th,2015*... Continue Reading →

Days Away 28 to 37. The End.

November 6th,2015 - Friday - 28 Days post Op - Physical Theraphy Day 15 This morning I had blood work. Last time I had to see and experience a needle. It has been a long way since October 5th,2015. I... Continue Reading →

Committed vs Interested

True. When you are committed is because you believe. You don't accept any excuse. You fight for your beliefs.You work hard toward a goal. When you are only interested, you apply yourself when it is convenient . You don't see... Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry

During a training in 2014 I learnt that " 90 % of our worries will never happens ". As human we worry a lot, too much. Worries are in the present but they are about the futures. I need to... Continue Reading →

Changes And Strenght 

Learning from the past and hoping for an amazing future .   

Too Much.

When your health fails you, you come at the realization that nothing else matter. Not anymore. Being in pain 24/7 is hard. It would be an hard task for anyone. Some days my mind goes to places where " it... Continue Reading →

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