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October 2015

Dream Big

     There is always time to Dream. Life is too short to be without Dreams.  Dreams are wishes that our heart makes. Dreams are goals that we want to achieve. Nobody can take your Dreams away from you. The... Continue Reading →



People call Samhain with another name also : Halloween. Samhain is much more then trick or treat and go to Halloween costume parties . Samhain is the Pagan End Of The Year. The old year has passed, the harvest has... Continue Reading →

A Part of “ME” is not longer Natural.

A part of me is not longer "me " .  A part of me is not longer " natural ".  People makes jokes. People thinks is " Cool ". People thinks is interesting being " Bionic " or,  I also... Continue Reading →

Emotionally Unavailable:Truth or Lie?

Tell me : WHY ARE YOU EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE ??? There is a difference in emotionally unavailable men and women. I use those two words a lot, mainly to keep good guys away. The ones that are falling in love with... Continue Reading →

Things happens for a Reason?

Do they? Do really things happen for a Reason ? Seems like, people say " Things happens for a reason " when unlucky coincidences or events appear in their lives . Nobody question themselves when good things comes along. With... Continue Reading →

THR : From Day 1 to Day 11

TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT . Right Hip. - Avascular Necrosis - October 9th,2015 - Friday - ( I have been in the hospital since October 5th, 2015 ) I went into surgery at 1.00 pm . I was scared like never... Continue Reading →

Discovering the REAL ITALY

When people travel to Italy, they want to see all the Touristic places,which is normal. Sometimes they look for the " Big Picture " and they forget the " little things ". I like to see how people live, which... Continue Reading →

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