I have a Bucket List full Of places to visit. Mexico was never one of them. 

One day I had the opportunity to live there. I packet all my stuff , jumped on a plane and next thing

I knew I was in Puerto Vallarta . I had never heard about it before. No until I got there

What’s not to love about Mexico ?

I fell in love with that Country, with their habits, their ceremonies, their places. 

I re evaluated my life and understood even more that life is about collecting memories and not things.

Once you live like them, you can understand the real Mexico, once you don’t live in a resort.

I experienced anything I could in my 6 Months there. Still today I miss Puerto Vallarta.

In Mexico nothing is clean. They cook outside, with Mosquitos and other animals flying on your food.

The weathere in the State of Jalisco is always nice, beside during the summer since is their rainy season.

I had to get used to the fact that, unlikely like in the USA, when someone hit you in Mexico while you walk or

do grocery etc…they don’t tell you ” Sorry “. At the bank the line is so long! Anything is in slow movement.

Taxis have no idea of what a GPS is! 

Punta De Mita


My first time in this hidden gem with a few friends was amazing! I rode in the back of a pick up truck.

We were going true the mountains and I could feel my body lift up in the air anytime the truck was hitting a hole or a rock. I was so happy, laughing and talking. Punta De Mita was an unbelievable beautiful place full of fishermans and people that love to fish.




It is also known as The Surfer Town. Anything there is about surf! I have never seen so many surfboards in my entire life! The bars and the restaurants have Surfers themes and everybody on the beach chase waves. I went there more then one time during my six months in Vallarta. It was a fun surfer town. Everyone there is ” very hippy” but it was so fun! Along the beach you find the most beautiful seashells .




After living there I realized that 

I want to retire and live the rest of my life watching beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises till the day I day

That side of Mexico, unlikely other parts, have the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets . People in Mexico will tell you that. Puerto Vallarta is also known as the heart of the city with a nice boardwalk full of restaurants, bars and much more. Nuevo Vallarta is the new part, full of new resorts. At first I was living in Lomas Del Sol. We had two pools and palms and palapas. With the others we created a dysfunctional family. We were all from USA, Europe and Canada…helping eachother, living this great adventure!

El Eden Waterfal


Of course, as an hiker I couldn’t skip this part. I hiked 4 hours to see the Set where they shoot the movie predators and to get to the waterfall. I even swam in that cold, freezing water that was so refreshing to me. 

It was a long hike in the Jungle. Yes, because Mexico is full of ” Jungles ” and that, makes the perfect place for someone that love the nature and love the outdoor. I would do that all over again, under that heat, with that sun, with that high temperature. Looking back I have some great memories…irreplaceable .

I visited much more in the State of Jalisco. I have been to Bucerias, to Las Marietas Islands and other places that I had no idea where part of this World. Living in a Mexico the first time tought me so much and my whole prospective life changed. In the USA we give anything for granted, meanwhile there are people, like the Mexicans that live with almost nothing and are HAPPY.  

No wonder why people take a backpack and go around the World and never come back. 

I’m a traveller, not a tourist

The World is such a beautiful day to explore and to limit yourself to your hometown or your Country, in my modest opinion isn’t the right choice.