Cozumel in an island close by Playa Del Carmen. Is mostly undeveloped and many ship cruises stops there.

Unfortunately they are trying to Americanize even this beautiful slice of Mexico. I went there the week of February 14,2015 … Just on time for one of their major events : The Carnival!!!


I had so much fun watching the Mexican’s dances, their masks and what they eat and drink in that occasions. They were throwing candies and small toys from the street so the kids could catch them . It take so little for a Mexican child to be happy , to be glad to be there. They Afterall , don’t have all those luxurious toys that American kids have.

The Water : it was amazing! Beautiful and Blue! Even if the Cruises ships are ruining the beautiful scenario that surround Cozumel, it hasn’t happened yet. I was able to enjoy the water and the weather meanwhile in the US people were living locked in houses due to snow storm and the cold.