Once upon a time, just like in a fairytale there was… Me! A model and college student in Rome.

The Gym :  I was living in Rome 10 years ago . I was going to a gym. Th gym decided to hire a well known soap opera actor to have more publicity. The girls in the dressing room were talking about him constantly. All of them,except me. 

Debby : He looks like your type. You should talk to him.

Me : Nope. I’m too busy. I work and I don’t have time for a boyfriend or other guys in my life.I have my hands full.


One night, while I was leaving the gym, my eyes crossed his eyes. Even if we saw each other before, inside the gym, that evening was different. It was like love at first sight. 

Soon after I left the gym, I picked up my best friend, Debby. I took her with my scooter over to my house. We waited for our friend, Sabrina to come. Then my cell phone rang 

Sabrina :  come downstairs . I’m with the car on the other side of the road. I have a surprise for you!

A car? Sabrina didn’t have a car! Debby and I went downstairs . Debby told me

Merry Christmas ! This is your Christmas gift .

Uh ? Christmas ? Christmas was far away! Gift ? What gift?

We crossed the street and there he was. He was standing by the car. He looked at me and said ” Hi “. A. Was there, that guy from the gym, the actor that all the girls were crazy about…all, except me.

We went to a club. The ArtCafe’. I could never forget that name . I left my two girls and him and started to walk around and dance . I loved to the dance so much! It was my passion! Then I met a guy, another actor ( I guess being a model means you always run into people that work in the fashion industry and you always go to the same parties ). After a talk with him I told him that I was going to dance and I started to walk toward the center.

All the sudden I felt the back of my t shirt. Someone was pulling me! It was him,it was A
“Are you trying to make me jealous “

That is what he told me . Soon after we kissed. We spent some time there and then , after taking the girls at home, we headed toward my house. He decided to sleep over and he told me 

I will be good if you let me stay here

I put the other bed next to mine. Unfortunately, during the night, I told him …

I have never said I was going to be good

It was a wonderful , passionate night. After that night we became inseparable. 


One day he told me how much he cared about me and I got scared. I was hurt when I was 18 and since then, I developed a fear towards the word Love. I was scared but I cared about him so much.

Shortly after I decided to head back to the USA to see my family. A. Told me 

Don’t. I’m afraid you won’t come back.When you come to say bye to me,I’ll tie you up on a chair so you don’t go.

His tone of voice was friendly and sweet as usual. I loved to get lost in his beautiful,big green eyes.I never wanted to date models or actors , even if I was a model and I was working in tv. The majority of models were shallow but he wasn’t . There was something special between him and I. There was something unique. I guess I was scared of moving in together. At the age of 24 I was so “jealous” of my freedom and my independence .

And the day came….  I couldn’t say bye to A. I was afraid he might was right. I was afraid if I would have seen him I wouldn’t have been able to leave. I had a ticket . It was a round trip.  

USA : I missed them! I missed the USA so much! I decided to stay. And here I go…I called A. One day…

I’m not coming back 


During those past 10 years, A. And I never lost touch with each other. We used to talk often during the week. For every good or sad news…he was the first one to know. He used to say that I was

An absent presence in his life

For the past 10 years we used to text each other through Facebook messenger. He was my everything. It didn’t matter if I was dating other guys. A. always had a special place into my heart.


DECEMBER 2014 : We had a disagreement . He hasn’t spoke to me since then. This is the longest time we haven’t spoke to each other in the past 10 years.We used to talk about the day we meet again. How magical would have been and that nothing was going to change. Romeo and Juliet . We were like them. A modern love story,a true one.

SEPTEMBER 2015 : Before my arrival in Italy I sent him a message. He never read it and I don’t know why. Not even a week after my arrival, I decided to ” take him off my facebook “. I can’t come into his life and ruin it. I simply can’t. I will leave again, soon I will be in the States and I won’t stay here . I wanted to see him, I wanted to hug him, I wanted to spend a day in Rome only with him. I wanted to look at him in the eyes and tell him ” I’m sorry “

Finally I’m here…and he will never know. And once I’m gone…I will be gone, for a long time and I might never come back here.

LOVE STORY :  I have been in Italy for a week. Often I write to him,then I delete everything . 

Not all LOVE STORIES end like Cinderella or like in the movies. I will live forever with ” What If ” ,even if I’m happy today, I truly I’m…happy.

❤️❤️❤️ THE END ❤️❤️❤️


I will always care about him. Always, not matter what.He will always have a special place into my heart.