Today it has been A month and 2 days After my Core Decompression Surgery on my right hip. It has been a very tough month with no weight bearing and no help at all. Any tasks that was normal became impossible. As I wrote in my previous post… I was released from Physical Teraphy the first day. Even if I asked for 2 more sessions before next Tuesday in which we will simulate the flight attendant duties because I don’t want to hear a NO from the Aviation Doctor.✈ In the past 2 DAYS it has been amazing discover again how to walk without pain and crutches. image I was walking on the Beach the day after and I couldn’t believe I was without crutches! I have been looking for this moment for so long. image My second day without crutches I was swimming without pain. I was enjoying the sun 🌞 , the ocean and the company of my friends…I was me. My eyes often were going to my right hip to look at that scar which to me is today the Mark of a warrior. So much it happened since June 25th that I feel lucky for the strong person that I’m otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to fight against the Avascular Necrosis and the Doctors. image And while I was happy to lay down under the sun without pain, I can’t deny that my toughts often were going towards next Tuesday

Will my Doctor release me back to work? Will the Aviation Doctor Release me back on duty?

I missed to walk and that is a goal that I have accomplished but I miss to fly ☁✈ so much and I miss traveling as well. Battling a disease that you haven’t chosen but that just hit you from nowhere is hard , very hard. You learn even more how much life is precious and health a blessing. image The ocean and the sky are part of me,just like traveling and hope one day to be an extraordinary FA and what make me different than any other FA…is the fact that I had to fight for my job while fighting an horrible disease. I won a few battles since I was released from duties on June 25th 1 I had x rays and MRI and diagnosis the day after. 2 Barely a week after my diagnosis I had the core decompression surgery 3 Exactly a month after my surgery I started and was released with full ROM from Physical Teraphy and no more no weight bearing . 4 A month and 2 days After I walk and swim without pain. I know this is not the end. I know I need to fight and win other battles but i’m ready to do so… … All for the love of the Aviation World.